3 Classic Hobbies You Should Share With Your Grandchildren

3 Classic Hobbies You Should Share With Your Grandchildren

3 Classic Hobbies You Should Share With Your Grandchildren

7 July 2015
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You know how kids are these days, always on cell phones or playing on devices. In fact, most kids already have a smartphone at a young age or at least full access to Internet outside of school. Your own grandchildren may be the same way. If you are tired of watching your grandchildren spend more time on tiny screens than they do learning something new, think about great hobbies you can teach them that you already know. You just may be surprised how receptive these seemingly tech-junkies are to something that doesn't have to do with social media. Here are 3 classic hobbies you likely already love that you can pass onto your grandchildren.


Not only is embroidery a fun hobby, it has many health benefits as well. Hand embroidery is a great stress reliever, and helps a young person build confidence in their skills as well. Teach your grandchildren patience, how to follow basic instructions, and the wonderful reward of a completed project by teaching them how to embroider fun things of their own. Here are embroidery ideas to try: 

  • name on a pillow
  • trendy phrase on a wall hanging
  • peace sign, butterfly, or chevron print

They may be even more interested in this hobby when you point out embroidery on things like sports uniforms, although this work is done with big machines at places like All Sports Cresting Ltd.


A classic puzzle may not sound puzzling to you, but many kids have never assembled one before. There are apps online that allow them to build a virtual puzzle of their own, but where's the fun in that? Drag your grandkids away from the screen by breaking out a large puzzle. Have them start by building the edges and matching inside pieces according to color, and see if you can finish an entire puzzle in a single afternoon. You just may be able to get your grandchildren into a new hobby other than taking selfies all day long.


If you want to get your grandchildren outdoors, helping them plant a garden is a great way to do it. Being outside is especially beneficial for young kids who need the Vitamin D provided naturally by the sun's rays. Encourage your grandchildren to plant a row of whatever vegetables they want, be it corn, peas, or even carrots. Invite them to tend to their garden every day, and when their crop is ready to harvest, they can enjoy the rewards. Do this every summer, and you can help your grandchildren not only learn a new and fun outdoor hobby but one that will teach them to be resourceful in the future.

It's never too late to find new ways to spend time with your grandchildren. Old hobbies never die, and you can have a lot of fun and feel rewarded in sharing your favorites with a younger generation.