5 Tips For Finding The Best Accommodations When Traveling With Kids

5 Tips For Finding The Best Accommodations When Traveling With Kids

5 Tips For Finding The Best Accommodations When Traveling With Kids

6 March 2015
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Planning a vacation can seem easy enough when you get online and compare rates and amenities, but you might be concerned about how comfortable and happy your kids will be while you're traveling. Although it's true that many hotels are far more well-targeted for adult guests who don't have kids, it's not that hard to find a hotel that's great for families who are traveling with their little ones. If you search for these five things when looking for a hotel, you're sure to find traveling accommodations that are perfect for you and your kids.

1. Cable

Even if you don't watch a lot of television when you're at home, you will probably want to have cable when you're traveling. While you're packing, planning the itinerary for the day or are simply sleeping in after a long road or plane trip, it'll be nice to have a kid-friendly channel for your kids to watch. Not only should you look for a hotel that offers cable, but you may want to call and inquire about the kid-friendly channels that are offered.

2. Roomy Hotel Rooms

Packing into a small hotel room might seem feasible for you and your spouse, but your kids probably need a little more stability. Look for a roomier hotel room that offers space for packing away clothing, playing and otherwise living a little more similarly to home. 

3. Swimming Pool

What kid doesn't like a nice swimming pool? Many kids aren't able to experience one at home, so picking a hotel that has a swimming pool can be a nice way to impress the whole family. Plus, the pool can keep the whole family happy for a while without the added cost of fun tourist attractions or other costly entertainment.

4. Kid-Friendly Menus

It's a lot more convenient to eat some of your meals at the hotel, and you can often save money by doing so as well. However, you will need to make sure that there are kid-friendly menus at hotel restaurants before booking.

5. Child Care

Some hotels offer free child care for a few hours each day. If you are on a business trip or want to spend a little bit of time with your spouse during your travels, this is a good thing to look for.

Finding the best accommodations for a trip can be tough anyway, and it can be even tougher if you are traveling with kids. Luckily, looking for these five things will help you find the best place to stay for both you and your little ones. For more information, contact a hotel like The Penticton Lakeside Resort.