Tips For Choosing A Home Fitness Machine

Tips For Choosing A Home Fitness Machine

Tips For Choosing A Home Fitness Machine

19 February 2015
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One of the best things to help you lose weight and get in shape is regular exercise. Going to the gym and taking fitness classes benefits you by keeping you motivated and accountable. However, you don't want to sit around all the time when you're at home. You should get some exercise then too. Three popular home fitness machines are the treadmill, elliptical walker, and exercise bike. Here's some help deciding which one is best for you.


A treadmill can give you a gentle or intense workout. By adjusting the speed and incline, you can vary the intensity of your walk. If you have enough room, you can set your treadmill in front of the television, so you can walk and burn calories when you would usually be lounging on the couch.

Walking on a treadmill is a high impact activity. If you have problems with your knees, feet, back, or hips, you may not be able to use your treadmill enough to get value for your investment. Also, if you live in a place where you can get out and walk around the neighborhood and enjoy nature, you may want to spend your money on another exercise machine if you'll be walking outdoors a lot anyway.

Elliptical Walker

An elliptical walker works out more muscle groups than a treadmill because you can use it in reverse. Plus, you can exercise your arms at the same time by using the moving handlebars. One benefit of an elliptical walker is that provides low-impact exercise. That makes it a better choice if you have joint or back problems.

As you push your feet against the elliptical walker, you're doing weight bearing exercises, which helps build strong bones. Depending on your preferences, an elliptical walker may be more exciting, since you can pretend you're cross country skiing, hiking, or climbing stairs.

Exercise Bike

If you don't have a lot of room in your home to devote to exercise equipment, then an exercise bike may be the best answer. While many exercise machines fold down and roll away, it can be inconvenient to constantly set up and take down the machine. A bike is so small, you can probably leave it sitting in a corner or in front of your TV and it won't take up much space.

Using a bike gives you a great workout, and your hands are free at the same time. This allows you to read or use a tablet to help you pass the time. An exercise bike might be the best choice for you if you're more comfortable sitting rather than standing for several minutes at a time while you walk on a treadmill or elliptical.

Be sure to try the exercise equipment several times before you buy, so you get a feel for what you enjoy. While you may think a treadmill is ideal, you may find walking on a treadmill is boring after you do it a week or two. You want to find an exercise machine you enjoy, so you'll use it often.