Ways To Safely Store Firearms In The Home

Ways To Safely Store Firearms In The Home

Ways To Safely Store Firearms In The Home

18 February 2015
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One of the most important aspects of firearm safety is proper storage. Those with firearms in the home need to know how to properly store them to make sure that guns don't cause accidents.

In general, a firearms safety course will cover proper storage. The following storage devices and concepts should be covered in a thorough firearms safety course so that gun handlers know what to do with firearms when they're not in use:

Gun safes

One of the best ways to safely store firearms is to purchase a gun safe. Investing in a gun safe is especially worthwhile for those who own several different guns.

Gun safes will not only keep guns in the home out of the reach of children, but they can also make it very difficult for a thief to access firearms. Those who have several firearms to store should consider getting a lockbox- which is generally cheaper than a safe- at the very least. 

Gun locks

A gun lock or trigger lock will prevent the trigger on a firearm from discharging. Some types of gun locks work by blocking the trigger action, thus preventing discharge.

Gun locks can be used for an added measure of security within a safe, or they can allow firearm owners without a safe to store their rifles, shotguns, or pistols with some level of security. 

A gun lock is cheaper than a gun safe, and it makes a gun easier to access if it's ever needed. Some newer firearms have a lock action built into the gun that makes it so that gun owners don't need to purchase a separate lock. 

Keeping ammo separate

Keeping guns and ammunition stored in different places is a highly important practice for maximizing safety. Ammunition should not only be stored in a different place, but it should be locked up and secured just like firearms. 

Firearm security classes generally teach those who handle guns to always treat a gun as if it's loaded. However, firearms should not ever actually be loaded except when they are actively being used. When in storage, they should never be loaded. 

Planning for child safety

When there are children in the home, safety is both more important and more complicated. Educating children regarding gun safety is important if firearms are stored in plain sight and children can see them. 

Having a gun safe or lockbox is more important if there are children in the home. It's important that homes with children have a lockable gun storage space and that the key is secured away from young children.