Face Your Fears And Have Fun Doing It: Overcoming Your Fear Of Heights

Face Your Fears And Have Fun Doing It: Overcoming Your Fear Of Heights

Face Your Fears And Have Fun Doing It: Overcoming Your Fear Of Heights

18 February 2015
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When you have a paralyzing fear that takes over your life, you may feel like there is nothing that you can do to overcome it. A strong fear of heights can limit your activities, keep you from traveling to various beautiful and exotic places, from exploring historical buildings and monuments, and from enjoying activities that many others have no problems with. Perhaps the best possible way to overcome such fears is to face them head-on and conquer them by taking action. Luckily, there are a variety of fun ways that you can face and overcome such fears and anxieties. All you need to do is select the activity that will help you conquer that fear once and for all.


Skydiving is perhaps the most effective method of overcoming your fear of heights just because of it's extreme nature. This sport involves wearing a special windsuit, goggles, and a parachute and leaping from a moving airplane. If this isn't facing your fears, than nothing is.

Luckily, when you go on your first skydiving expedition, you first meet with an instructor who gives you detailed lessons and instructions on what will happen, what you need to do, and how to remain completely safe in the process. If you are still apprehensive, know that on your first dive you can and probably will do a tandem dive where you are literally strapped to another person (usually a professional and/or your instructor) to ensure that you follow proper procedure and are not in any danger.

Skydiving, at places like Skydive Burnaby, is exhilarating and thrilling, and is a direct affront to your fear of heights. If you can jump out of a moving plane, you will be able to handle heights without flinching or fear soon thereafter.

Rock Climbing

If you are not quite ready for an experience as intense as skydiving, there are other ways that you can face your fears of heights, building up your strength against those paralyzing phobias. Rock climbing is one such solution because you can start out small and gradually increase the height to which you climb each time you attempt it.

Rock climbing walls are found all over the country both indoors and outdoors. These walls simulate the experience of climbing cliffs and mountains, but have secure footholds. You learn how to wear the proper gear and harnesses and work with the ropes and pulleys as you climb the wall with a spotter on the ground beneath you.

If you should stumble on the wall and lose your grip (the worst case scenario for someone like you who is afraid of heights), the spotter uses the ropes and pulleys to catch you and lower you slowly and safely to the ground with zero chance of injury or actually falling. You can start out small, only climbing halfway, and then work your way up to going to the top, or just power through on your first go-round. The choice is yours, but the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top is well worth that extra push.

As you can see, you can conquer your fear of heights by facing it straight-on. By using fun recreational activities to face your fears, you can have an enjoyable experience and feel accomplished as you alleviate fear and anxiety. And, who knows? Maybe you will find a new favorite activity or hobby in the process!